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Yoshimi Kato


I was born in Japan and grew up moving from one town to another, from north to south of Japan because of my father's work. The various Japanese cityscapes and seasonal landscapes I saw in my childhood had a great influence on my inspiration. I've also lived a life surrounded by many animals since I was born so I've always loved drawing animals in my childhood, and it doesn't change today.
I majored in architectural design at university, but I started to publish my illustrations on the web once I hear my professor's words "You are better suited for drawing than designing in selecting jobs". After that I gradually began to take offers for children from publishing companies, which led me to become an independent illustrator.
Today, I work mainly with digital techniques, but I continue to challenge myself to draw by combining that with traditional techniques such as paint and colored pencils.
My cat named Chouchou is my best buddy, and she always gives me relief and motivation.



Now I’m proudly represented by Yeon Agency. We can handle many languages. I’m looking forward to working with clients from all over the world.


​Production results

(* titles omitted, no particular order, partial excerpts)

[Illustration] Shogakukan / Baby book "BabyBus I became a hamburger!"

[Illustration] Shogakukan/Mebae "BabyBus fresh pizza please!"
[Illustration] Kodansha / Otomodachi "Masterpiece picture book Issunboshi"

​​[Illustration] Hikari no Kuni / Hikari no Kuni “Curry Rice Song”

[Illustration] Hikari no Kuni / Gakushu Hikari no Kuni "Let's try the weather news"
[Illustration] Child Honsha / Child Book Gold "There are many OZONI in all locations in Japan."
[Illustration] Froebel-kan/Kinder Book 1 "Monkey's Bath"
[Illustration] World Culture Wonder Create / Wonder Picture Book "Let's go search! Pill bug"
[Illustration] Gakken Kyoiku Mirai/Gakken Connected Picture Book Why? "Connect! Creatures of the Sea"
[Illustration] Z Kai "Starting Sticker from this summer"

[Illustration] Bungeisha / I am a hero!?

[Illustration] TOEZ / Infant classroom Baby Park English teaching material digital picture book "In the future" etc.
[Cover] Mate / Monthly Picture Book Guidance Big Pocket (serialized)
[Cover] Tokyo Tetsuni Health Insurance Society / The Tetsuni‐press (serialized)

[Cover/Illustration] University of Tsukuba / To everyone who has a father or mother who cannot stop drinking or taking drugs
[Text/Illustration] ENEOS Globe/Creative Fairy Tale Calendar "Mermaid's Pearl"

[Miscellaneous Goods] Nishitetsu Kanko Bus/Online School Trip Can Badge
many others


​Business partner results

(* titles omitted, no particular order, partial excerpts)
Shogakukan / Kodansha / Mate / Child Headquarters / Froebelkan / Gakken Kyoiku Mirai / Sekai Bunka Wonder Create / Hikari no Kuni / Bungeisha / ENEOS Globe / Kenyu Kikaku Publishing / Nishitetsu Sightseeing Bus / University of Tsukuba / TOEZ / High Cube / Z Kai / Sanrio/Good Farm Planning/Fujisoft/Gijutsuhyoronsha/Arts/Fujifilm Imaging Systems/Nishioka General Printing/Egg/Triwell
many others


​History of exhibitions and events

2022.06.29-07.01 11th Creator EXPO (Koto-ku, Tokyo: Tokyo Big Sight)​

2022.02.18-02.23 Solo exhibition "The Diary of Twin Bears" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: OPA gallery)

2021.04.14-04.16 10th Creator EXPO (Koto-ku, Tokyo: Tokyo Big Sight)


​ Media publication history

2022.07.28 Genkosha / Character file 2022-23

​​2022.05.17 Illustrators Newsletter/Yearbook Illustrators Newsletter 2022

2022.02.04 Yomiuri Shimbun / Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition event information column (private exhibition information)

2021.12.25 Sugar / Yearbook of active Japanese illustrators 2022

​2021.12.09 Asterisk Discovery / Illustrator's Portfolio vol.7​

2021.02.04 Asterisk Discovery / Illustrator's Portfolio vol.5​

2021.01.23 Seibundo Shinkosha / Illustration Note Premium

2020.12.23 Sugar / Active Japanese Illustrator Yearbook 2021

2020.08.18 Genkosha / Character File 2020-21 AMAZON browsing page

2020.08.18 Genkosha / Character File 2020-21

2020.06.30 Genkosha / Illustration FILE Web
2019.12.22 Sugar / Yearbook of active Japanese illustrators 2020

2019.08.01 Hakusensha / Monthly MOE September 2019 issue


​Production environment

Application used: Photoshop
*Delivery will be data (mainly PSD file).


​ links


Kato Yoshimi's SNS. Feel free to follow me.





​ Organizations and groups to which Yoshimi Kato belongs.

Genkosha Illustration File Web

illustrator's communication


Japan Illustrators Association


Companies that are indebted for sales and planning. ​​



Kurinavi for Designer Recruitment and Recruitment

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